Swim SWIM and Swim Some More

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I didn’t expect much from this game but after playing through it and going through several different Magikarps, I can see how fun this really is.

You basically start talking to the Mayor of the Magikarp village and from there, you are guided as the player to how you train, care, and battle your Magikarp in jumping contests! But you are limited but luckily, as you grow with each and every match, you get EXP for your trainer and level up your way to getting stronger level Magikarp. They go in retirement if you level them up fully by training them and go for the final stretch in the leagues. Magikarps can and will die, so assess the risks when you are presented opportunities. It is a mobile app game by The Pokemon Company

My game so far 
It is addicting and a quick game and it isn’t tedious because let’s face it, Magikarp is the weakest Pokemon in Pokemon in general. Sure, its’ evolved form is much more powerful but this game celebrates all Magikarp and all its pathetic nature but you can’t help but love this Pokemon.

I suggest downloading the game and playing it yourself.

Just try it.

I didn’t know Magikarp has a game! I’m so glad it does, though, because it’s truly one of the bullied Pokemons out there since it’s so weak 🙁 I always feel bad for him lol but its evolved form is one of the strongest and I love that. What a swan lake transformation haha
Will definitely download this game!

Posted on June 9th, 2017, at 9:00 pm by Gillan.

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